W+S Model

WORK+SHELTER employs a unique and scalable development model.

In order to scale quickly and effectively, we form long-term partnerships with local NGOs who are already working with various female demographics but don’t necessarily have the resources to offer a full livelihood and shelter program. Additional benefits of the partnership are as follows:

•            helps W+S find candidates whose needs fit our offerings

•            allows W+S to work with diverse populations all over India (and potentially outside)

•            streamlines our process – we do what we do best, the work, shelter, and international sales components

•            ensures we have buy-in and support from local stakeholders (via the local NGOs)

•            for the NGO partner we supplement their work, and strengthen their role within the community

Further, as we scale and open additional shelters we will add locations and centers whose “work” will fit into an integrated production cycle and benefit a wide variety of demographics. For example, in our map and scale plan below raw materials like silk, cashmere, and banana leaf are harvested at the Eastern-most and Southern-most shelters, processed in Bhopal, and turned into beautiful products in New Delhi before being shipped overseas.

We’ve got big dreams! Our goal?

•           5 shelters, 5 geographic locations, 5 years

•            25 women per shelter

           •           Half local commuters, half living

•           Expand to work with HIV+ women, former sex-workers, and domestic abuse victims

•            Become operationally sustainable