The women of WORK+SHELTER are talented!

Are you a Designer?  Contact us about having your vision brought to life by the women at WORK+SHELTER

Are you a Store Owner? We can work with you to help develop products just for you and your store. From the design, to materials, to production.

WORK+SHELTER started with knits and we have worked with designers like Rubina, to create one of a kind knit products, as well as develop a knit accessories line sold on The Lotus Odyssey.

We have grown from just knits, into sewn goods and apparel. We have created adorable products for Sweatertoysand Lindie and Friends, among others. The artisans at WORK+SHELTER are also developing a line of sewn dresses and embellished jewelry.

Visit our blog to read what other designers had to say about working with WORK+SHELTER!

On top of sewn and knit goods, the artisans of WORK+SHELTER can also:

  • Embroider
  • Spin and dye fibers
  • Put together boxes
  • Stuff envelopes or packages
  • Make soap
  • Make candlesDSCN4964 (1)
If you’re interested in hiring WORK+SHELTER or have any questions, please write us at